Ionspa Body Detox

IONSPA Foot Detox


The Ion Spa Foot detox can be used for the following conditions:

1) Plantar Fasciitis

2) Foot Pain

2) Knee Pain

3) Low Energy

4) Eliminating toxins from your body

5) Tired Feet

This is a unique, and somewhat new therapy. An ionSpa delivers an electrical current through the water and generates negatively charged hydrogen ions. To be negatively charged means that the hydrogen has an extra electron, and this renders it one of the most powerful antioxidants currently known.

The ions travel throughout the body, attaching themselves to toxic substances and neutralize the substances' charge. Then the particles are pulled from the skin or processed through the organs to cleanse the body. The water in the tub starts out clear but the toxins are soon drawn out via osmosis.

This process also raises the user's ph to a more alkaline state which is healthier for the human body.

Many users report*:

  • Enhance body detoxification
  • Inactivated viruses, bacteria yeast and fungus
  • Reduced pain
  • Purified blood and lymph
  • Stimulated immune function
  • Weight loss
  • Relieved tension
  • Chelation of heavy metals
  • Reduced inflammation
  • And many more benefits associated with detox
  • Rates:


    $150/5 sessions

    $275/10 sessions


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