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We value our patients' experience at Chiropractic Care Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readere to view.

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Dr. Edward Pan

claudia2.jpgHi, my name is Claudio Cortez. I am 45 years old and I want to thank Dr. Edward Pan for helping me with my suffering.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis.  I started to have intense pain down my legs.  I couldn't work, walk or stand for a long time.  Thanks to Dr. Pan for changing my life.  I feel great.  I was a person that didn't believe in Chiropractic.  I want to thank Dr. Pan for all his hard work, dedication, patience and effort and also thank the wonderful staff.  I am also grateful for German (office manager) to allow me flexibility with my payments and making it affordable and easy for me.  And I want to thank Laura for being soo nice and treating me like family. 


Claudio Cortez 


My name is Adela Zuniga and over the past 20 years, I have seen many different chiropractors.  Some of them gave me treatment without taking X-rays.  When I came to Chiropractic Care Center, I like the way the doctor explained my condition, the treatment and therapy that I needed.  I have always suffered from a lot of tension and pain in my neck which goes down my arms.  I did not sleep well at night.

Now I am pain free, no more pain in my neck, arms and hands.  I feel better everyday because before, I couldn't do simple things like writing a letter or sewing because my hands would get numb.

I finished my recommended treaments and I am still going to continue.  I work very hard and I like the service that I received from all the staff.

I got very good results here.  My post X-rays showed great improvement.  I feel so good now and never felt this good in a long time. 

Thank you Dr. Pan and the staff.


Adela Zuniga

2.jpgAfter my accident, I felt absolutely horrible! But after coming here and being treated by Dr. Pan, I feel as if i never had an accident at all. The staff here are super nice, attentive and are always of great help.  If you feel stressed or are suffering from back pains, this is the place to go!


Yessica M. Serrano

CIMG9970.jpgMy name is Michael Canizales and I want to thank Dr. Edward Pan and the staff at Chiropractic Care Center for making me feel better after my auto accident.  I was having neck and back pains and after my treatments, I am now out of pain.  Thank you for all the attention that I have received.


Michael Canizales

Octavio.jpgI was in a car accident almost three months ago and felt absolutely horrible.  After coming here and being treated, I felt 100X better, even my high blood pressure went down.  The staff, Laura and Herman, were absolutely friendly and wonderful especially Dr. Pan.  He really did put me back together.  Thanks!!!


Octavio Figureroa


CIMG9959.jpgI have been very pleased with Dr. Pan and his staff.  They have helped my lower back and neck pain tremendously.  Their friendly and warm greeting makes my visit a pleasure to come each week.


Becky Itzen --- Fashion Design and Sales


Hello, my name is Guillermo Cortez.  I remember when I first came to visit Dr. Edward Pan, I was having excruciating pain in my lower back that went down my left leg.  I was not able to walk without any pain and was not able to work.

After a few treatments and chiropractic adjustments, I feel so much better now.  I am soo grateful that I can continue with my normal life and continue to work again.  Thank you Dr. Pan for making me feel good.

One more time, thank you Dr. Edward Pan and the staff at Chiropractic Care Center for all the comfort and attention that you have given me.


Guillermo Cortez --- Restaurant Server.

CIMG9950.jpgI want to thank God for bringing Dr. Pan and the staff at Chiropractic Care Center into my life.  Thanks to them, I feel much better now that I can work and do all the household duties again.  Before I saw Dr. Pan for my back pain, I was not able to walk and had to pay someone to help with the house cleaning.  Now I feel happy because I can do everything by myself.

Thank you Laura and Herman for giving me trust and calling me to remind me of my appointments.  You have made me feel very motivated to continue my treatment and I am thankful for that.  Thank you all again.


Rina Arauz --- Sales

CIMG9967.jpgHello, My name is Adriana Aguilar.  I want to thank Dr. Edward Pan and Laura because they helped me out a lot.  Before, I had bad low back and neck pain and thank God and to Chiropractic Care Center for making me feel much better now. 

I am still in treatment and looking forward to be totally out of pain.  Thank you.


Adriana Aguilar

regina2.bmpMy name is Regina Mendez.  I was very bad in my back and I had a lot of pain down my legs with the sciatic nerve.  I came to see Dr. Edward Pan and I feel soo much better.  Now I can do things that I couldn't do before.  Thank you Dr. Pan and the Staff at Chiropractic Care Center.


Regina Mendez

lorenzafelipe.jpgMy name is Lorenza Felipe. Before I came to this office, I was suffering of pain on my shoulder that went down to my hand.  It was soo painful, but thanks to Dr. Edward Pan and the treatment he recommended me, I feel great now.  I don't have any pain on my hand and my headaches are gone.  I recommend Dr. Pan because he really helps you out a lot. 


Lorenza Felipe

adilene_029.JPGMy name is Oscar Lopez.  I am a student at Pasadena High School.  I had terrible pain in my left leg and found out that one of my hips were unleveled.  I had therapy for my back for 15 appointments and now I feel better and able to play baseball again.  Ever since my leg got better, I feel I am much faster.  So I want to thank everyone that helped me recover from my back injury.  I am going to miss you guys and thank you very much.  Also, I really want to thank Dr. Pan.


Oscar Florez

My name is Lily Paramount.  I am a student at UCLA.  I was in severe pain after my automobile accident.  I had neck, shoulder, and back pain.  It was so severe that I couldn't sleep at night.  After my first session with Dr. Pan, I immediately felt better.  After each chiropractic session I felt an improvement in health and mood.  The staff was courteous and made each visit as pleasant as possible.  I feel even better than I felt before the accident and could not thank Dr. Pan enough.


Lily Paramount -- Student

My name is Roger Toussant and I have been having lower back pain since 1997.  I have seen many specialists for my back over the years but nothing really helped.  I came to see Dr. Pan about one month ago and he did a series of soft tissue work and adjustments including ultrasound, electro-stimulations and my back for the first time in years does not cause me any pain.  I can't thank Dr. Pan enough!  I highly recommend him.


Roger Toussaint -- Restaurant/Bar Owner

Lots more to come!!....


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